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November 12, 2010

Out of all the cooking shows on Food Network, Cooking Channel, and PBS, none really cover the Middle Eastern cuisine I grew up with, so I decided to create this pilot to fill a need. There are so many people that love Middle Eastern food, yet think it’s daunting to make in their own kitchens. I am here to demystify this cuisine, and show you some shortcuts and modern day interpretations of dishes popular among Lebanese, Palestinian, Egyptian, and Syrian people all over the world. In the following clips I share with you my favorite recipes for Mussakhan, a baked chicken dish flavored with fragrant sumac spice, onions, and pine nuts. Following that is a quick and easy recipe for Harisseh, a semolina cake containing yogurt and served with homemade sugar syrup.





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  1. Yasmien permalink
    February 17, 2014 9:03 pm

    Hi Blance,

    I think your page and video are amazing ! However I couldn’t find your printed musakhan recipe ? Could you be a dear and help me pls thank you and keep on doing your amazing work ! Much love

    • February 19, 2014 8:34 pm

      Hi Yasmien,
      Thanks for your interest in the recipe! I have a 5 part series on youtube detailing the recipe, but do not have it in printed form on this blog. (It will be in my upcoming cookbook though) I do have printed recipes and cooking lessons on for this and many other recipes too. Thanks again!

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