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July 20, 2011

Today I have lots of wonderful things to celebrate. First, all of my videos and blogs will also be hosted by a fabulous website called!  If you are a foodie you will love this resource. I love the interactivity of this site. You not only  get unique recipes, cooking videos, and food blogs, but also a question and answer section if you need help with recipes and cooking techniques. There is even a culinary encylcopedia and a section on wines for the wine lover. I am truly honored to be a part of this site, and to visit my page there, check out:  Another reason to celebrate,  it’s my dear father’s birthday, and I made a lovely lemon blueberry cake with olive oil which will be included in my cookbook. I actually made this cake low in sugar because of his diabetes, and found the most amazing sugar substitute–xylitol syrup. Xylitol is actually all natural and doesn’t raise insulin levels, and tastes fabulous in sweet desserts and as a topper for oatmeal or Greek yogurt. This is my favorite brand yet:  Speaking of yogurt, I found this amazing brand that is tangy, creamy, and best of all, low in sugar and high in probiotics:  On these warm summer days, this yogurt has been my breakfast lately (acai mixed berry flavor) with blueberries and a sprinkle of pistachio nuts–outrageously yummy! Now no celebration is complete without chocolate, and for a place where I can learn about all things chocolate I go to my dear friend, Karletta Moniz. She is THE chocolate expert of the Bay Area, and if you are lucky enough to go to one of her chocolate tasting events or classes, you are in for a divine and sumptuous experience. You can check out her blog here: That’s all folks, I am shooting another  cooking video this week featuring one of my most favorite grilled sandwiches on the planet–can’t wait to share it with you! xo

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