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Three hot upcoming events for my foodie friends!

January 9, 2012

This year is already coming off to an exciting start in the foodie world. I mentioned in a previous blog how much I value olive oil above all other oils. Well there is a provocative new book coming out by Tom Mueller  with the spicy title:  “Extra Virginity, the Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil.”  Have you ever purchased a bottle of olive oil only to be disappointed that it tasted flat or rancid? Mueller researches the corrupt world behind these fraudulent olive oils, and the importance of supporting true artisans trying to preserve the ancient art of pure extra virgin olive oil. Don’t be fooled by the “Made in Italy” inscriptions on the bottles–read this book to find out why!  Tom Mueller will be at three exciting events in the San Francisco Bay Area this month–and here is the information below:

Tom Mueller EXTRA VIRGINITY, The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil  Book Signing, Conversations, Tastings
Saturday, January 14

2:00 to 4:00pm
The Pasta Shop 5655 College Avenue,  Oakland, CA

510 250 6005
No charge except for purchases.
The Pasta Shop event includes samplings of the new harvest extra virgin olive oils with producers from California, Italy, and Spain.
2.  Panel Discussion and Dinner at Oliveto Restaurant
Saturday, January 14
4 pm panel
Dinner reservations begin at 5:30
For more information and reservations call 510 547-5356
5655 College Avenue  Oakland, CA 94618
Following the event at The Pasta Shop, next door, Oliveto Restaurant hosts a panel discussion and dinner celebrating Badia a Coltibuono extra virgin olive oil 50th Anniversary with Roberto Stucchi and Tom Mueller.  Oliveto founder and co-owner Maggie Klein, whose seminal FEAST OF THE OLIVE (1983) was the first, definitive exploration of the olive and extra virgin olive oil, will moderate the panel. No charge for the panel discussion. Dinner reservations begin at 5:30 and the a la carte menu celebrates the new harvest olive oil from Badia a Coltibuono with special wine selections from this famed Tuscan estate of Lorenza de’ Medici Stucchi. Badia a Coltibuono pioneered and introduced superior extra virgin olive oil in the US and in many ways, inspired Maggie to write FEAST OF THE OLIVE and led to her founding Oliveto in 1986.
3.  EXTRA VIRGINITY–Quest for Quality
Meeting and Raising Standards of Excellence
Tasting, discussion, book signing with Tom Mueller
Luncheon of Middle Eastern flavors with Anissa Helou
Moderated by Jane Goldman
Wednesday, January 18,
11am – 1pm
Purcell Murray Culinary Showroom and Amphitheatre
185 Park Lane
Brisbane CA 94005
By reservations, call 415 330 5557
This informative, provocative event  is a delicious exploration of extra virgin olive oils from around the world. Celebrate the publication of Tom Mueller’s Extra Virginity, the Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil; taste new harvest extra virgin olive oils; savor Mediterranean food authority Anissa Helou’s mezze table; and welcome these two visiting authors to the Bay Area.Tom Mueller, journalist and author will be in conversation with’s founder Jane Goldman, discussing the challenges of fraud, enforcement, and certification that pervade the world of olive oil, and describing how dedicated growers and producers are meeting these challenges. Mueller will lead a tasting of extra virgin olive oils from ancient lands and the old world, as well as from the new world and the southern hemisphere. Learn and taste how traditional foodways and modern agricultural and technical advances come together to produce improved extra virgin olive oils, meet objective standards, and provide consumers with a range of certified oils at various price points.  The  tasting will feature new harvest olive oils from Palestine, Italy, Spain, California and Australia. For more background info, check
London-based, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean culinary expert Anissa Helou  will curate a luncheon of mezze from the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean, showcasing flavors from the lands where olive oil began. Check out buffet of extra virgin olive oils will also be available for informal tastings.
Producers, representatives, and olive oil experts will be in attendance.
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