Thank you–nearing 10,000 subscribers on Social Media!

This has been a crazy journey. What started off as a seemingly far fetched idea of creating a cooking show out of my kitchen has now transcended any expectations! As of now I have over 5000 subscribers on YouTube and approaching 4000 on Facebook!  I keep getting photos from folks seeing my cooking videos on Virgin…… Continue reading Thank you–nearing 10,000 subscribers on Social Media!

Ma’Moul Cookies for Easter!

Although mainstream media seldom talks about Arab Christians, there are millions of us all over the world, from Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Easter is huge for us, and there are many traditions we participate in to prepare for this big holiday. Palm Sunday masses tend to be massive processions where everyone is holding…… Continue reading Ma’Moul Cookies for Easter!

Vegan Cabbage Rolls: MALFOUF!

The word “malfouf” in Arabic means both “cabbage” and “rolled.” So in Lebanese and Palestinian culture, cooks must have felt that it was only natural to roll up the cabbage around rice, and the popular dish malfouf was born. Stuffed cabbage leaves are popular in so many countries, from Russia to Poland and Sweden. But…… Continue reading Vegan Cabbage Rolls: MALFOUF!