Muhammara-The Famous Dip of Syria

It’s so sad that people now associate Syria with war, death, mayhem, and destruction. Prior to the war Syria was a veritable culinary mecca, known mostly for its gorgeous desserts displayed like a Dubai skyline of confections.



syrian sweets


Another culinary delight originating from Syria is the fiery red Muhammara dip, which is unlike anything I had ever tried before. This dip is sweet, savory, tangy, nutty, spicy, and sexy all at once (yes I said sexy, I couldn’t help it–the red color is reminiscent of a boudoir salon). I first tried this dip in college at my friend Samar’s house. Her parents immigrated from Syria decades ago and thankfully still upheld their traditions–this dip was always in their refrigerator. I looked forward to study sessions at her house, the dip was the snack her mother offered us, and I was immediately hooked. Back then I didn’t even ask what was inside the dip, as studying took up all of my time and I was lucky if I was able to bake a batch of brownies or two all year. I just knew that mouthfuls of this dip during intense study sessions made the world a happier place.  Fast forward to now and I had to recreate this dip, even though I haven’t seen Samar in ages. With enough trial, error, and research over the span of two years, I finally achieved the flavor I was looking for.





And hot damn there are so many nutritional benefits! Loads of anti-oxidants, Omega 3s, vitamin C, fiber, protein, and it’s vegan to boot! So, do yourself a favor and try this dip. Try it with crackers or pita chips. Spread it on some chicken. Use it as a sandwich spread. Top your vegan quinoa bowl with it. Once you go Muhammara, there is no going back, and I will help you get there. Check out my latest video below and I will show you how it’s done.




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