“Salata Batata” Arab Style Potato Salad

Sometimes…you just want a healthy simple side dish to put on the table without much effort. Sometimes..you have to let go the fear of carbs and embrace the potato–the beautiful high fiber potato without the addition of cheese, frying, or all of that other food sabotage. Seriously why are people afraid of potatoes?  They are rich in vitamin C, folate, and have three times the potassium of a banana!  I wanted to make a side dish video that was appealing to beginning cooks, because many of you cooking newbies have been asking me for easy recipes. This potato salad is dairy free–no artery clogging mayonnaise in the mix, but the flavor is garlicky, tangy, and fresh from the added parsley and pickles. Feel free to add some olives too for extra vegan richness just like the pic below:





As you might notice I also added purple potatoes because I love the different color and flavor. You can use any kind of white potato you want– red skinned, fingerling, or Yukon golds all taste lovely. This salad was ubiquitous in our childhood picnics to Napa Valley, where we went to escape the cold San Francisco summers. “Salata Batata”  goes great with a barbeque, or top with some cubed smoked tofu for a complete vegan meal. The only thing I was unsuccessful in doing in this video was to get my brother to take my picnic basket.




For the recipe tutorial, click on the video below, and in seven minutes you too can enjoy this flavorful salad!


Grocery list:

2 pounds potatoes

Extra virgin olive oil

Garlic Powder


Cornichon pickles

Salt and pepper


Kalamata olives (optional)

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