Our Premiere on NBC and Part 4 of the Food and Wine of Spain!

Hello Dear Friends..

Hope you are enjoying the sights and sounds of spring, I am loving the reemergence of hummingbirds, and even rabbits that are crossing my path as I go for my morning runs! Just wanted to update you on some exciting news about our recent appearance on a brand new show on NBC called “California Live!” As the name denotes, this show airs on California Stations only, but fortunately I got the link from them to share with you here. We had a blast hanging out with the talented NBC production crew, as they followed us to a local middle eastern market, then to my home to watch us put together a couple of easy dishes meant for entertaining or any night of the week!  To see the NBC clip click HERE.

Now, onto the final episode of my food and wine journey to Spain!


I just uploaded part 4 of my trip to the Basque region of Spain, which I really think is overlooked by tourists. From the rustic charm of the Ontanion winery, to the luxury of Marques to Riscal, to the nightlife of Bilbao, I tried to pack as much as I could in under 10 minutes! To check it all out, click on the video below:

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