You are not alone!

Hello Everyone Sitting at Home,

Hope you are all healthy and well, and know I am sitting at home thinking about all of you! Keeping busy for me has been key to getting through this, whether listening to podcasts while taking long walks, cleaning out closets, hanging up pictures, or experimenting with online workouts. Not to mention the time spent supervising home school activities and feeding the kids all day–because they seem to get hungry every 2 hours!  My appreciation for teachers has exponentially increased, and I dream about going back to the gym like it is a long lost oasis. However, each morning I write in my journal 5 things I am grateful for, and that has set me on track to taking on the day with positivity despite the challenges.  I figured I would take you along on one of my contemplative walks to share some tips on how to keep your sanity during this crazy time:


I also realize that this is a time of tremendous economic uncertainty, where people have cut back going to restaurants and are eating on a budget. Keeping this in mind, I am developing recipes that can feed a family for under 10 bucks. If there are any recipes or ingredients that you need ideas for, please leave them in the comments below!

Much love,




3 thoughts on “You are not alone!

  1. Hi. Blanche , hope you are staying safe. My family love your simple and always successful recipes. I am looking for recipes for all-in-one Veggie or Chicken, MidEast rice dishes, Mansaf, Kabsa, or Mandi . These are dishes that I’ve tasted before, and having time on my hands at home, and plenty spices, I would love to make something deliciously different this weekend. Love your recipes!

  2. Thank you, you encouraged me to walk I am now out at 6:00 am walking every day. It’s enjoyable. It does strengthen our hearts and helps our circulatory and metabolic functions. With the COVID situation its helpful to get out and get fresh air and exercise.

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