Mamma Vera’s Mediterranean Roasted Chicken

It’s that time of year again! Schools begin, traffic takes a bigger chunk of our daily time, and if you are a parent don’t get me started on the Uber driving, countless after school activities, mountainous piles of laundry and assembly line breakfast and lunch preparation.  With all of these new duties fighting over our…… Continue reading Mamma Vera’s Mediterranean Roasted Chicken

A Review: Of Trader Joe’s Kunefe

Ask any Palestinian, Lebanese, Jordanian or any Arab for that matter what their favorite dessert is, and they will most likely say without hesitation “Kanafeh!” Most people in the western world might scratch their heads and say..”huh, what in the heck is kanafeh?” Kanafeh is a legendary dessert with a cult like following–any middle eastern…… Continue reading A Review: Of Trader Joe’s Kunefe

Recipe Ideas From the Fancy Food Show!

The Fancy Food show is like the food sampling Olympics, and with almost 2000 booths to choose from–how does one stand out from the pack? Well in a sea of prepackaged mostly processed carbs and snacks, freshly prepared and baked food is always going to win (not to mention my loud voice over the mic…… Continue reading Recipe Ideas From the Fancy Food Show!

Fancy Food Show Highlights and New Nutrition Series!

Hope everyone is enjoying the New Year so far. I started it out with a bang at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco! The Fancy Food Show is a multi-block convention center filled to the brim with every food trend you ever thought imaginable.  This year the predominant food trends seemed to be primal protein…… Continue reading Fancy Food Show Highlights and New Nutrition Series!

Happy New Year! New announcements and for 2019

Hope you are all enjoying a fresh start this new year! I always love the idea of starting fresh, of burying any insecurities, negativity or setbacks and starting something new, exciting, and even a little scary. Because overcoming the fear of something new is how you grow. There have been lots of scary decisions I…… Continue reading Happy New Year! New announcements and for 2019


New event announcement!  If you are on the hunt for a special Christmas gift, how about a cooking class with yours truly? Registration has just opened for my cooking class in the spring at Draeger’s Market in Menlo Park. Here is the special menu: Sesame-Crusted Melted Halloumi Cheese Drizzled with Honey Tabbouleh Salad of Parsley,…… Continue reading NEW COOKING CLASS FOR SPRING!

30 Minute Baklava Recipe!

Hello My Feasting Friends! Ask people from any Middle Eastern country where Baklava originated, and they will all claim to have invented this popular dessert. It is widely believed however, that the Assyrians at around 8th century B.C. were the first people who put together the concept of chopped nuts between layers of thin bread…… Continue reading 30 Minute Baklava Recipe!