Travel to Morocco-Through Tagine…

As the months drag on and I get increasingly impatient with the redundancy of lockdown life, I find myself creating kitchen “staycations” through exciting new meals inspired by countries abroad. I have always fantasized about visiting Morocco in particular, and I felt it was time to bring Morocco to my kitchen, through a traditional tagine…… Continue reading Travel to Morocco-Through Tagine…

Mind Blowing Middle Eastern Food!

Are you all going as crazy as I am? Now with kids in school, I am having to add hourly short order cook to the list of other daily demands. Not to mention making sure to attend all of the virtual school meetings and check in to see the kids are turning in all of…… Continue reading Mind Blowing Middle Eastern Food!

Iconic Bakery in Jerusalem and Inside Al Aqsa Mosque!

Hello Dear Friends, As some of you might be sequestered at home, maybe working at your home office or figuring out what to do with the kids since many schools have shut down from corona virus, I thought I would do a different kind of video. A video to give you a break, something to…… Continue reading Iconic Bakery in Jerusalem and Inside Al Aqsa Mosque!

Mammoth Maqlouba in Hebron!

Happy New Year Everyone! As this community reaches  40,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel, I always like to do a reassessment, to see what kind of content you would like to see in the future. Other than sharing recipes, I have also done quite a few travel vlogs, as well as videos on nutrition and…… Continue reading Mammoth Maqlouba in Hebron!

Our Premiere on NBC and Part 4 of the Food and Wine of Spain!

Hello Dear Friends.. Hope you are enjoying the sights and sounds of spring, I am loving the reemergence of hummingbirds, and even rabbits that are crossing my path as I go for my morning runs! Just wanted to update you on some exciting news about our recent appearance on a brand new show on NBC…… Continue reading Our Premiere on NBC and Part 4 of the Food and Wine of Spain!

Top 5 Middle Eastern Blog Award–and Spanish Travel Series Part 3

Hello Friends–hope you are enjoying the signs of springtime! I am excited to announce that this blog was voted as the 4th most popular Middle Eastern food blog in the world! As you can imagine I was ecstatic to hear this news, having been at this for almost a decade now. Thank you so much…… Continue reading Top 5 Middle Eastern Blog Award–and Spanish Travel Series Part 3

Spanish Travel Series Part 2 -Zarautz!

Hello Friends! There are going to be a lot of exciting things happening this year, and I can’t wait to share them with you as soon as I get the green light! But for now, I will share with you Part 2 from my adventures in Spain. While you will see a ton of literature…… Continue reading Spanish Travel Series Part 2 -Zarautz!

New Travel Series: Espana!

You might be wondering, why am I doing a series on Spain when my page is all about the Middle East? Well Spain is one of my favorite countries in the world, and when I got the opportunity to travel with the lovely Leslie Sobrocco, host of Check Please on PBS, I jumped at the…… Continue reading New Travel Series: Espana!

Off the Beaten Path- In the Holy Land!

I recently got back from the Holy Land yet again, and I can’t wait to show you some highlights that you won’t hear about from mainstream media! First stop, a side of Jerusalem I have literally never seen before at St George’s Cathedral Guesthouse. St. George was built in 1899, and has been open to…… Continue reading Off the Beaten Path- In the Holy Land!

Palestine Cultural Day-

What happens when victims of war disperse all over the world and form their own communities elsewhere? Are they successful integrating in their new environments? I am sure people of every ethnic background have their own fascinating stories of adversity, failure, and success. One thing I do know is that Palestinian Americans in the diaspora…… Continue reading Palestine Cultural Day-