A Miraculous, Practically Calorie Free Food: Shirataki Noodles!

Over time I have received quite a few e-mails asking me how I stay fairly trim despite indulging in lazy cakes and muttabak (buttery phyllo dough and cheese) as seen in my videos. Well, the short answer is 80% of my diet is pretty healthy, but when I indulge, I practice portion control. Now healthy…… Continue reading A Miraculous, Practically Calorie Free Food: Shirataki Noodles!

Olive Oil: Why Extra Virgin Has Lost its Innocence….

Just got an e-mail from Cost Plus World Market last week: Sale! Three hours only! Extra virgin, cold pressed from Italy, only $3.99! The old me would have thought that was an amazing deal, and stocked up for the year. Now, I know better having just read an alarming new book called “Extra Virginity, the…… Continue reading Olive Oil: Why Extra Virgin Has Lost its Innocence….

Mutabak- Decadent Filo Cheese Pastry

Hello friends… I want to thank you all so much for joining me on my culinary journeys, and as a thank you for subscribing to my page, I will share one of my most precious dessert recipes: Palestinian Mutabak, or buttery filo dough with a sweet cheese filling drizzled with a lemony rose simple syrup. …… Continue reading Mutabak- Decadent Filo Cheese Pastry

Burbara–Middle Eastern Wheat Berry Porridge!

This isn’t your typical porridge… December marks one of my favorite food traditions in my family–the feast of Santa Barbara. Palestinian, Syrian,  and Lebanese Christians celebrate this feast every year beginning on December 4 for Roman Catholics, and December 16th for Greek Orthodox Christians. They commemorate this holiday by making a sweet dish called Burbarah…… Continue reading Burbara–Middle Eastern Wheat Berry Porridge!

Mouthwatering date fritters!

Why don’t people use dates more often? Growing up in a Middle Eastern/American household, dates were a staple in our kitchen. My mom would serve dates alongside almonds and dried apricots as an appetizer or snack, and she would also chop them up to put them in breads or cakes. The neighbor’s kids thought it…… Continue reading Mouthwatering date fritters!

Arayes….”Bride and Groom” Sandwiches

The silhouette of a bride and groom locked in a tender embrace is undeniably romantic. The white feminine billowy dress against the sharper lines of a dark masculine tuxedo is celebrated universally, captured in photo albums around the world. No better reason than to commemorate this embrace with a sandwich!   Ara’yes, literally means bride…… Continue reading Arayes….”Bride and Groom” Sandwiches


Back in 1997, I visited the town of Ramallah in the West Back to do volunteer work. I stayed at a Catholic convent, which also happened to be an orphanage. Every morning I would smell the nutty and fragrant za’atar spice, baking on fresh homemade bread called “manakish.” To this day when manakish are baking…… Continue reading MANAKISH: MIDDLE EASTERN ZA’ATAR FLATBREAD!