Ful Mudammas- Arab Style Favas (Cheap Quarantine Eats Part 2)

I thought that market shelves would have more consistent food stock by now, but sadly that is not the case in my neighborhood.  If there is ever a nutritional staple that can get you through tough financial times and food insecurity, it might very well be the overlooked fava bean. During this Covid-19 crisis when…… Continue reading Ful Mudammas- Arab Style Favas (Cheap Quarantine Eats Part 2)

How to make your own Labneh! (Yogurt Cheese)

Hello Friends! First of all an announcement! My mother and I will be on a new show on NBC called California Live! It is a mother’s day special, where they followed us around, watched us cook, and interviewed us about our family and food philosophy! This will air on all NBC stations throughout California on…… Continue reading How to make your own Labneh! (Yogurt Cheese)


So thankful to all of you to have hit the milestone of 20,000 subscribers on You Tube! To celebrate, I did a live video with my brother Issa to reach out to all of you. To participate in future live feeds, please subscribe to my channel and you will get my notifications on future live…… Continue reading MIDDLE EASTERN MEATBALLS!

Baba Ghanoush- A Story of Love

Hummus gets so much attention and glory. Restaurants feature hummus mixed with every vegetable under the sun, ranging from sun dried tomatoes to red peppers. School children now eat this dip with pitas as a lunch addition without a thought. Nutritionists recommend hummus as a healthy snack. But there is one cousin to hummus that…… Continue reading Baba Ghanoush- A Story of Love

Why I hid Zucchini in Your Pancakes

When you hear the word pancakes, you might conjure up an image of a mile high buttermilk stack of fluffy goodness oozing with maple syrup. I love pancakes as much as the next person, but all the sugar makes me crash and burn hard. Instead of feeling energized, I get sleepy! I still don’t want…… Continue reading Why I hid Zucchini in Your Pancakes

Roasted Spicy Chickpeas–Middle Eastern Style

Do you plow through a supersize bag of chips while watching sports? Is there a stash of salty pretzels in a nearby drawer that you munch on as you addictively watch one Vine after another? Do you know the garlic fry vendor at At&T Park on a first name basis? If any of these descriptions…… Continue reading Roasted Spicy Chickpeas–Middle Eastern Style