New Middle Eastern Shopping Guide!

Hello Feaster Friends! In response to the many e-mails I have received on where I source my Middle Eastern ingredients and other merchandise, I  decided to put together a one stop shopping online store. From excellent quality spices to the best handmade baklava made in the USA, and felafel molds to Arabic styled aprons, I… Continue reading New Middle Eastern Shopping Guide!

Baklava…..for Breakfast!

I have made no secret of my sweet tooth to my family and friends over the years. Baklava is such a popular dessert in Middle Eastern households, and when my mom would make some or order this pastry from the bakery she knew I could scarf down a couple of pieces with coffee at 6:00… Continue reading Baklava…..for Breakfast!

The last splurge of 2012 –gooey cheesy Muttabak

Hello friends… I want to thank you all so much for joining me on my culinary journeys, and as a thank you for subscribing to my page, I will share one of my most precious dessert recipes: Muttabak. I am warning you that this is not a lowfat dessert–my philosophy is to eat healthy 90%… Continue reading The last splurge of 2012 –gooey cheesy Muttabak