New Middle Eastern Shopping Guide!

Hello Feaster Friends! In response to the many e-mails I have received on where I source my Middle Eastern ingredients and other merchandise, I  decided to put together a one stop shopping online store. From excellent quality spices to the best handmade baklava made in the USA, and felafel molds to Arabic styled aprons, I…… Continue reading New Middle Eastern Shopping Guide!

Highlights of the Winter Fancy Food Show 2013

Are you one of those Costco junkies that look forward to meandering around the isles just so you can try out the samples? Well, imagine that food sampling experience and multiply it by 1000—and you get the Winter Fancy Food Show! (WFFS) The WFFS is the largest marketplace devoted to specialty foods and beverages in…… Continue reading Highlights of the Winter Fancy Food Show 2013