Vegeterian Koofteh (Meatball) with Chef Hoss Zare

Mainstream media paints the people of Iran with two extreme brushes: either they’re Islamic fundamentalists in beards and  dark cloaks fantasizing about nukes or ….half naked, binge partying, yacht driving,  drunk on Patron, flamboyant rebels on Bravo’s  Shahs of Sunset. From meeting and knowing Iranian Americans thoughout my life, I have to say my impressions don’t match that of…… Continue reading Vegeterian Koofteh (Meatball) with Chef Hoss Zare

Upcoming Art and Foodie Extravaganza!

I want to say thank you so much for your support so far! Whether you have found my videos and recipes from my youtube channel, from, or from the Los Altos Crier, I want to welcome you to my page! I just shot a new batch of videos for some tasty Middle Eastern style…… Continue reading Upcoming Art and Foodie Extravaganza!