Summer Salad Series Part 2- Egyptian Balela Salad

In Part 1 of my Summer Salad Series, I shared the recipe for Salata Baladia, ubiquitous in pretty much every Arab country. This time we focus on the country of Egypt, with their protein packed and colorful Salata Balela, or Balela salad:   I particularly love this salad because I adore sweet cherry tomatoes, especially…… Continue reading Summer Salad Series Part 2- Egyptian Balela Salad


In Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, salad is eaten for breakfast as well as lunch or dinner, and the ubiquitous cucumber tomato salad is the foundation of most meals. This salad is also known as “Salata Baladia” or country style salad, as it is rustic and goes with just about everything. In any Arabic household…… Continue reading THE MOST POPULAR ARABIC SALAD “SALATA BALADIA”


What salad is as good for your breath as it is for your waistline? Tabbouleh!  Tabbouleh (also known as tabbouli) is a Middle Eastern staple, and one of the most popular and recognizable salads in the U.S. now as well. In most upscale supermarkets tabbouleh can cost up to 8 bucks a pound, but you…… Continue reading Taboulicious!