Nothing peeves me more than food companies preying upon people dedicated to wellness. Whether it is fitness “professionals” on Instagram selling weight loss tea, commercials pushing canola oil as healthier than butter, or celebrities peddling fake meats and cheeses as part of the vegan movement–they all try to take advantage of peoples’ sincere wish to…… Continue reading 6 FOODS YOU WILL NEVER FIND IN MY KITCHEN!

The Veggie Burger Re-invented – Kibbeh style!

Have you checked the ingredient list of store-bought veggie burgers lately? Many of them are teeming with GMO soy, GMO canola oil, funky fillers, and chemicals I cannot pronounce ((gasp)) The human body would recognize an organic, grass fed beef burger more than the frozen veggie monstrosities you see in the supermarket frozen section. It…… Continue reading The Veggie Burger Re-invented – Kibbeh style!

The Original Veggie Burger: Felafel!

Before there were burgers or chicken nuggets, there was falafel. These browned chickpea nuggets made the right way taste crunchy on the outside, and chewy on the inside. The word falafel is actually plural for the Arabic word for “filfil”, which means hot pepper. Traditional falafel is spicy hot, but I prefer the tamer version…… Continue reading The Original Veggie Burger: Felafel!